Billy and Alex Blog How to Use Custom Motorcycle Decals

How to Use Custom Motorcycle Decals

Custom motorcycle decals are a great way to promote your business and reach out to a target audience that would not be interested in other forms of advertising. They are easy to use, non-intrusive and provide a unique aesthetic to your bike or other wheeled vehicle.

Why Gen Z loves stickers?

Depending on your bike, you can add a variety of different decals to it. Whether you want to advertise your brand, highlight your club’s logo, or just show off your style, there are endless options to customize your bike.

You can even create a custom sticker with your name to make it stand out among the other bikes on the road. There are also a variety of designs to choose from, such as flames, flags, swirls, lighting and more.

Once you have selected a design to put on your bike, you should clean the area where the decal will be placed to eliminate any dust or dirt that could cause bumps or peeling. After that, you should peel off the paper backing with which it came and carefully place it on your bike’s surface. Then, you should gently run your finger around it until it appears smooth to the touch.

Finally, you should remove the excess plastic from around your decal and spritz it with a lubricant to make it easier to peel off when you are ready to replace it. You should also wipe it down until it is completely dry and free of any residues.

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