Billy and Alex Recreation Vintage Defenders For Sale at Classic Driver

Vintage Defenders For Sale at Classic Driver

vintage defenders for sale

The Defender has been a popular vehicle for off-road enthusiasts for decades, and now you can get your hands on one at an incredible price.

You’ll find vintage defenders for sale at Classic Driver ranging from the iconic Land Rover Defender 110 to the more compact Defender 90 – each with its own unique features and capabilities, and all backed by a warranty that will keep you going where ever your adventure takes you. You can also filter our selection by price, year and mileage – so you’ll be sure to find the perfect Defender for you.

There’s nothing quite like the allure of the off-roading experience that the classic Land Rover Defender offers, and it can be hard to beat the old beast when you’re looking for something a bit more civilized. The new Defender is no different, bringing luxury and refinement to a model that’s been a staple of the Land Rover line since 1948.

Tips for Inspecting, Negotiating, and Closing the Deal

Those who aren’t afraid to go where few have gone before can snag a new one for just $329 a month with $3,495 down. But if you’re looking for a boxy, open-top off-roader that packs the kind of curb appeal that the Defender’s predecessors were known for, you’d be better off with a Jeep Wrangler or a Land Rover Discovery Sport instead.

Yorkshire-based Land Rover tweaker Twisted ordered 200 of the latter a few years back to fuel its business, and now 16 of them are available to buy from the company – some of which are hand selected by Twisted founder Charles Fawcett for their chassis numbers and build dates. These cars feature some impressive tech too, including a 2.3-litre turbo petrol engine and a 2.2-litre turbodiesel option that both meet ULEZ regulations (the new EU emissions standard) and deliver 308bhp.

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