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How to Search and Print Voter List PDF in West BengalHow to Search and Print Voter List PDF in West Bengal

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After the announcement of the revised voter list on 15 January 2019, the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal has published it on its official website. It features 7 crores 32 lakh 94 thousand 980 registered voters, including deletions of many beverages and addition of 1790 third-gender words. According to the revised voter list, there are approximately 20 lakh voters in West Bengal. The list also includes the names of approximately 1.4 crores voters.

West Bengal Has Published It On Its Official Website

Once you know where to vote, the next step is to print your list. For this, you can use the Know Your Polling Station feature on the CEO West Bengal website. Enter your city or address into the form fields and your polling station will be displayed on a map. Once you’ve saved your Voter list PDF, you can print it out for future reference. If you’d prefer to print the list, you can use the voter list as a reference.

You can also search for voters by state by using the Electoral Roll PDF option. The state electoral roll PDF is available for all the states and districts in West Bengal. After entering your details, you should click on the “Search” button to get a list of voters with the same name. Once you’ve found the name of a voter, click on the “Show” button to see his or her name in the list.

This official list contains every detail of each registered voter in the state. There are 42 seats in the state, and the list contains the voter’s name, EPIC number, polling station, and polling booth number. The voter list also includes the voters’ eligibility criteria. If you are eligible to vote in the state election, you should carry your voter ID card to the polling station.

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